The main focus of our activities so far is to assist in allaying and eventually eradicate as much as possible the suffering of our people; especially the women.

In August 2007 we sent an envoy to the Panzi hospital in Bukavu to donate medical supplies, speak directly to the victims of rape and other violences and inquire about the ways we can be of a better assistance to them.

In March 2008 we received Dr. Denis Mukwege in Washington and organized a quick fundraising to send assistance to our Mothers and sisters at the Panzi hospital in Bukavu.
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On the same occasion, we remitted an award to the Doctor for his work and dedication for the salvation of the women of our country.

In February 2009, we partnered with V-Day to facilitate the participation of Congolese to the "Turning Pain to Power Tour" in the USA with Dr. Denis Mukwege and Eve Ensler, the president of V-Day.

View a video (in French) of a conversation between our representative and Dr. Denis Mukwege below.

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