SWAHILI (Calendar words)

The original Swahili (Swahili bora) had a strong influence of the Arabic language.
Time and the words associated to it have had a strong influence of the Islam calendar.
The first day of the week in the Islam calendar is Saturday (Jumamosi) because Friday (Ijumaa) is the day of prayer, God's day.

The Swahili of Kivu had a European influence from the colonization.
The days of the week are based on the Christian calendar where the first day of the week is Monday (Siku ya kwanza) because Sunday (Siku ya Mungu) is the day of prayer, God's day.

- Sikuzote- Tous les jours- Always
- Sikukuu- Jour ferié- Holiday
- Siku ya kwanza
- Jumatatu
- Lundi- Monday
- Siku ya pili
- Jumanne
- Mardi- Tuesday
- Siku ya tatu
- Jumatano
- Mercredi- Wednesday
- Siku ya ine
- Alhamisi
- Jeudi- Thursday
- Siku ya tano
- Ijumaa
- Vendredi- Friday
- Siku ya sita
- Jumamosi
- Samedi- Saturday
- Siku ya Mungu
- Jumapili
- Dimanche- Sunday
- Januari- Janvier- January
- Februari- Février- February
- Machi- Mars- March
- Aprili- Avril- April
- Mei- Mai- May
- Juni- Juin- June
- Julai- Juillet- July
- Agosti- Août- August
- Septemba- Septembre- September
- Oktoba- Octobre- October
- Novemba- Novembre- November
- Disemba- Décembre- December